Too Many Photos

Time management, or really more life management, can get in the way of our dreams. I originally wanted to have most of my images from our 2017 New Zealand adventure at least organized by now. Of course other things took priority, while daily chores and challenges pushed their way through to the top of the stack. So, I am going to take it one at a time, and push those very photos I want to work on here to give myself a little rule to help push back. now that's the hard part over. Let's get these other piggies wiggling!

Speeding By Somewhere Near Auckland Where the Rain Is Not

Rolling green hills with bright blue clouded sky, near Auckland, New Zealand
Driving South, Somewhere Near Auckland, New Zealand

I love taking photos like this from a moving vehicle. The style fills my memories with energy while also giving me permission to day dream a bit. They tend to really feel like no where and anywhere all at once. posted when I should of been packing for PEX

Saying Good Morning & Goodbye to Lake Wakatipu

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown, New Zealand
Morning View, Lake Wakatipu

The morning we left Queenstown, to make our journey back to the states was obviously filled with some bittersweet bits, but ultimately the calmness of the morning lake helped it all go down just a little smoother. posted but not really, since I'm back-posting. shhh, it's our secret.